Merchant Spotlight: Box Of Goodies


Who is behind your brand?

Tracey is the owner and the driving force at Box Of Goodies, but the whole family pitches in to pack boxes on busy days, and even run the odd one out for weekend deliveries. There are many afternoons when a second opinion is called for before placing orders with a new supplier. No one wants a lame gift so we use all the experience of the different ages of our family members to choose the best goodies!

How and when did the idea come about?

We’ve wanted to start a gift box company for four years or so, but there was always something taking our attention. We love fun and interesting items for gifts and often the boxes out there were kind of filled with, dare I say it, gifts for your grandma! When we tried to send a gift during the first lockdown, we had trouble getting a same day delivery in Melbourne, even though many of the sites claimed they could do it. We ended up having to send balloons as they guaranteed same day delivery. We knew we could offer genuine same day Melbourne delivery, so we started our own!

What do you love about your products?

I love that we have an eclectic mix of goodies, and I really love our bright pink boxes! We have fun things, and naughty things, and glittery things, so anyone can send a fun or sensible selection to their loved one. This week we created a spectacular pink box for a sassy ten year old and it was so great to know she’ll love getting her own delivery.

Why do you do what you do?

We wanted a business that wouldn’t consume our lives. One that could be set up with systems in place so we could still go away for the odd holiday and not tear ourselves to pieces worrying about the business. We also needed to be in contact with people, and Box Of Goodies allows us that interaction every single day. It’s so nice to be in a fun business environment every day and that’s why we do it.

What successes have you had along the way?

We were featured in an online article, joined some group giveaways and also had some really great support from our friends and family. We love new ventures and we’re always keen to get onboard and try new things so we often get a good response because of that. We hope Eve Gifts is the next great thing that helps us succeed and get our pretty pink boxes into more hands!

What are your biggest challenges as a local business?

Our biggest initial challenge was getting the word out. We announced the start of our new business the same day that Victoria announced stage 4 lockdown restrictions and a curfew, so that was fun! We had promotion plans that involved in-person events but they all had to be scrapped. Friends and family who might normally share business cards, or samples of our boxes with their workmates were now all working from home, so we didn’t have any of those advantages, which are kind of important when you want to have a business that’s all about people and the touch and feel of the product. So we’ve turned to advertising online and luckily we had some previous experience or we would have been totally lost.

Describe a typical working day:

We bounce into the office around nine am and check any orders that have come in overnight. We check our Facebook and Insta and try to remember to post but we’re often distracted by the orders because we have certain deadlines for couriers we have to meet to get them out on time. We create all the paperwork and delivery cards and labels in one go, then we set about picking the items for each box of goodies. We line up a production line of packaging, tissue paper and all the pretties that go into the box, all the while ignoring the cat and dog outside the door who demand to be let in! Truly, our cat bangs his paws against the door! Once the boxes are ready, we go back and share and play on social media until our cut off time of 11.30am. Deliveries usually go out after 12pm but sometimes we’ll do some in the morning if we have a lot of orders. The afternoon is spent making sure bookwork is up to date, browsing (and often ordering) new fun products. Tracey normally finishes around 2pm to concentrate on another business she runs. We check back in on the socials around five o’clock and can often be found answering messages and sending photos of gift boxes after dinner!

What are the biggest rewards?

The best rewards are always great feedback from those lucky enough to receive a Box Of Goodies. We love, love, love, Instagram stories showing happy faces when our boxes arrive. And on the days when we can manage to go out and do our own deliveries, seeing those giant smiles when the door opens and we hand over a big pink box – it’s just the best feeling!

What is your best advice to someone wanting to start their own business?

Plan for it and do it. There’s never a perfect time and if you wait you might never get started. Start small, know your audience, and also start building the buzz ahead of your opening day. We waited and we should not have!

What are some businesses that you’re inspired by?

My Flower Room is my absolute favourite business in Melbourne. You might see a pattern in our responses, but these are not your grandma’s flowers! The owner is just as gorgeous as her beautiful arrangements, too!


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